Janice Shapiro, MA, LMFT California Lic #86051

Psychotherapist for Marriage, Individual and Family Happiness


  • marriage counseling with 3 models to choose from:  




  • Pet Loss & Bereavement 

  • Empty Nest Syndrome

  • Bibliotherapy With Janice 

Psychotherapy Services

Life is full of changes, and emotional disconnection is often a result of not being able to make necessary changes in our lives. Individuals continually change through daily experiences and encounters, couples change as their relationship develops and families change as their children grow and leave to live their own lives. Sometimes people attempt to keep things the same, but then find it does not work and change becomes an obstacle instead of something to embrace. In therapy, I help people see change as a positive, creating growth, self-confidence and a refreshed outlook on life.

People need a non judgmental, caring and supportive therapist as a foundation to uncover coping patterns and life experiences that hinder change and growth. Working together, we can make it safe for you to re connect with yourself and others.

​I offer support and guidance to help you feel more confident about making the choices and taking the actions that will make your life happy and rewarding.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I work with Individuals, couples, families and groups to:

  • Repair/Improve Relationships
  • Resolve the Unresolved of the Past which is the root cause of:




                  Poor Self-Worth..........

  • Gain Resiliency
  • Cope with Grief and Loss
  • Embrace Life Transitions
  • Reframe Empty Nest to that of Good Parenting
  • Facilitate family Estrangement
  • Live a Life Worthy of Living

...and these are just some of the human conditions I can help you with.