Individual, Couple, Family and Group Therapy 


Janice L. Shapiro, MFT
Ca Lic # 86051​
Phone: 408 596-4810
Please note: Email correspondence is not considered to be a confidential medium of communication.

Janice Shapiro, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT CA Lic. #86051

 To inquire about making an appointment or ask questions, please call me at 408 596-4810 or email me at I try to answer all inquires by the next business day. 

If you are leaving a message, It will be helpful if you can give as much information as possible in your voicemail/email. If you are calling for the first time, the following information is especially helpful:

  • Name, phone number and best time to reach you.
  • Type of therapy you are interested in (e.g., individual, couples, family or group)
  • Availability for appointment.

Note: During the pandemic, I am only conducting sessions via phone or on the video platform. 

Once we have an appointment set up, all you have to do is log in to:​  at the appointed time and wait in the "waiting room" until I come in to start our session.