Words in stories can be profound with special meanings only to us. Each individual will interpret the meanings within these quotations differently according to your own life experiences. 

Reading RX offers a selection of quotations straight out of some of my favorite books that can make for some very interesting thinking and discussions. 


"When people are very young they see animals as equals, even as kin. That humans are different, unique and superior to all other species--this they have to be taught."

   The Friend

   By Sigrid Nunez

"...you can't find peace until you find all the pieces."

   Orphan Train

   By Christina Baker Kline


from​ The Bark magazine

"It's so damn hard to bloom...to change. Even when you want to change, want it more than anything in the world, it's hard."


By Dean Koontz


"Life was a flypaper present, a shape-shifting past, a future that forever held answers tantalizingly just out of sight."

   What is Missing

   By Michael Frank

"If you assume the world is what you make it, then of course what you make will look like the world"

  Pretty As A Picture

   By Elizabeth Little

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