Janice Shapiro, Psychotherapist for Marriage, Individual and Family Happiness

   Having been a therapist to many therapists over the years, I have developed Therapy 4 Therapists to meet the needs of my fellow psychotherapists. This is an individual therapy that mainly utilizes cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic techniques along with other theories as needed. 

   Our focus working together often begins with emotions sparked as you do your work as therapists. If not addressed, it takes a toll. The toll can range from slightly burned out to more severe with various health issues. 

   Therapists take in their clients' stories. Once within, what to do? Sure you might indulge in such self-care as meditation, exercise, special days off, or learn how to do something new that gives you immense satisfaction. While these are excellent stress relievers, they are often temporary. Emotions come right back twice as strong next time you go to work. 

   Psychotherapy work is isolating and draining as well as inspirational and life changing. Due to its highly confidential nature, it can't be shared with others. Although you might engage in consultation, the focus is still on the client. Your issues are not fully dealt with.

    Therapy 4 Therapists is a gateway to your inner world. Your emotional reactions are recognized, acknowledged and explored. Growth and changes can finally be made.

Everything traditional therapy does, with one addition: we open the emotional impact being a therapist has on you.