Janice Shapiro, Psychotherapist for Marriage, Individual and Family Happiness

TO HAVE is a promise to receive each OTHER with unconditional acceptance. ​

TO HOLD is a promise of physical affection and tenderness, a vow to be available in body and soul, a promise to cherish, value and protect each OTHER forever. 

     "Vulnerability is the opposite of defensiveness. We are naturally defensive. We are wired to protect ourselves. Where vulnerability brings couples closer together, defensiveness pulls couples further apart. Defensiveness might protect you, but it kills the relationship."


Framework Marriage Counseling

 included free to participating couples.

Excerpt from Frame 6: Vulnerability

Framework Marriage Counseling 


Couples come to me all the time saying, "We can't communicate, please help us!" The truth is you are communicating, but sending all the wrong messages.

Framework Marriage Counseling introduces the 12 Frames (skills) necessary for a deep, loving relationship where communication flourishes. Couples create the picture within each frame according to their relationship style.

Each Frame stands for the acronym L.O.V.E.R.S.

Sessions are held with marriage therapist Janice Shapiro, LMFT, in person or via video conferencing. Framework Marriage Counseling gets to the core of what it takes for a happy, committed relationship. 

Fees are the same rate as for Individuals and families. Each session is one hour.

After gaining proficiency as L.O.V.E.R.S. you will be able to renew your vows TO HAVE AND TO HOLD.