Individual, Couple, Family and Group Therapy

Janice Shapiro, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Classes are a wonderful way to learn new strategies for better mental health. Being able to learn new skills among others with similar goals helps facilitate the learning process. The interaction, feedback and support is invaluable. 



Destress Teachers is a series of 8 sessions that covers:

  • Identifying work-specific stressors
  • Differences between good and bad stress
  • Strategies to reduce/eliminate the bad stressors and embrace the good stressors
  • Implement (practice) strategies with peer feedback

A compimentary individual interview is required before attending class. Cost: $300 covers all eight sessions. Each session is one hour and 45 minutes weekly.

New sessions coming this fall! Call now to reserve your space as classes are small.

Teachers are welcome to sign-up with other teachers or individually. Let your colleagues and teacher friends know about this unique course especially for teachers!